I believe comparing the aftermath of the recent election with that of 2000 reveals our democracy’s perilous state.

The 2020 election was a landslide compared with 2000, which hinged entirely on a mere 527 Florida votes. For the first time the Supreme Court, with seven out of nine Republican-appointed conservatives, decided a presidential election. By a narrow 5-4 decision to stop vote recounting, Bush became president. Putting country above party, Democrats accepted that decision and moved on – without promoting unfounded claims of election fraud.

The current conservative Supreme Court refused for some time to even hear Trump’s claims of election fraud. Trump’s Big Lie produced a first-ever insurrection that breached the temple of our democracy. We’ve witnessed the mob’s destruction and vulgarity in their frenzied search to find and kill elected officials.

Less visible are restrictive state laws, over twenty passed and countless others introduced, to suppress minority votes. Even more damaging, recently passed state laws enable legislatures to overturn election results by replacing election officials with compliant cronies.

Clearly, our democracy is in grave danger. Republican-elected officials — Rep. Tenney included– don’t seem to care, having blocked both investigations of the insurrection and fair and accessible election legislation.

Richard Meili
Waterville, NY