I recently read that Elise has received yet another handpicked Democrat challenger for 2024. This guy ran in Claudia Tenney’s new district, NY 24, last cycle, so I have reason to believe he doesn’t live in the 21st district (or even remotely close). 2024 is a make-or-break election cycle for this country, and we can’t risk another Democratic majority in the House wasting our hard-earned taxpayer dollars on more witch hunts and bad policies!

Let’s get real. This Steve Holden guy is clearly a power-hungry carpetbagger prompted by the Democratic party to give a run for Congress another go. According to his campaign website from last year (when he ran against Claudia) he mentioned immigrants were only good enough to work on farms for him. To me, he seems like another, less threatening, Nancy Pelosi. He is a radical when it comes to healthcare and climate change and has even stated that he supports universal free healthcare. It’s all online! Democrats have handpicked him to retry again next year in an even more Republican district, which is laughable since he does not represent our values even slightly.

Elise has represented us well in leadership as our Congresswoman and the House Conference Chair. She is the only member of the House GOP that has endorsed President Trump and is standing behind him while the deep state goes after him. We cannot risk another Democrat in the House or the Senate. The Democratic party has become totalitarian and is blowing up the America we all know and love. Elise has my vote for sure, and I hope she has yours.

Steve Malara Jr.
Frankfort, NY 13340