If You live here, then You are a member of this community. If something in this community impacts one portion it has an impact on the entire community. No one entity gets to make decisions for You or this community. Decisions have to be made with the input of the community as a whole.

So don’t feel bad about voicing your opposition. You are not interfering with “growth” when you attempt to protect your community. You are not the bad guy because you can see the writing on the walls. You are not wrong having concerns about a very few people’s investment impacting the entire community.

I have yet to read one single letter here written by a community member that is rooting FOR the proposed Reed Street Project. I have seen zero signs on front lawns that say “Yes Zaida”. If this doesn’t speak volumes, I am not sure what does.

We have yet to hear a single official response from the developers regarding the concerns that have been brought up by the public. I’m not a land developer but if I was one concerned about public perception that seems like a great place to start.

Traffic, sewer, utilities, drainage, environmental impact, property/school tax impact, emergency services, are just a few of the things in my opinion of what should be discussed first at these public meetings. Instead I was told about stainless appliances and fitness centers. The square footage of a daycare center built on site. These are a bit cart before the horse.

There is a lot that needs to be discussed long before any semblance of local support could even begin to be offered. You don’t build a house on sand, you build it on a strong foundation. I don’t see a strong foundation on Reed Street.

A Concerned Resident,

Bryan Herringshaw