Dear editor of My Little Falls,

I am a former resident of Little Falls and have recently learned about the Zaida Project that was just introduced. My heart will always be with the Little Falls community that welcomed me with open arms for the few teenage years that I spent there and so I try to follow community events to this day ❤️

After I read your editorial on My Little Falls yesterday, I noticed that Miss Powers posted publicly on her facebook page that she was promoted to partner of her company Strategic Financial Services. I myself am a financial professional. If I was her company I would be very concerned about how this could give a black eye to her company. All you have to do is a quick Google search to see there is a crazy circle of connections between Rocky City Development, Martin Babinec, David Casullo, Rock City Centre, Up Mobility, NEXT Herkimer, ICAN. It’s mind boggling! Laura Powers is right smack in the middle of it on a personal and professional level with Rock City and David Casullo while she’s supposed to be a neutral elected official for the people of Little Falls?? This is disgusting!

Why aren’t the people of Little Falls more outraged at the blatant conflict of interest and corruption?? I encourage the people of Little Falls to pay closer attention to the Zaida Project and everything surrounding it. It seems to me that the people of Little Falls are so in the dark with what’s going on with that project. Stay informed and get involved and spread the word because the community needs to know what’s going on with the people and companies that are pushing that project for their own financial interests!

Rhonda Wood
Albany New York