Dear Editor,

In response to last evening’s Common Council meeting and the motion to engage a consultant to review upcoming land use proposals, it’s time for citizens of the City to be informed and engaged.

The pressure from developers will increase in the coming weeks/months for the various low income multi-family housing proposals. It is essential for citizens of the city to attend all Planning Board, Zoning Board and Common Council meetings to express their opinions.

It’s quite certain that most homeowners in the neighborhoods likely to be affected by these developments are unaware of what is being proposed. The impact to their home values, quality of life and safety is at risk.

We have a situation where a select few local individuals will stand to benefit from introducing these outside developers to build low income Section 8 housing. For one or two of these individuals, they do not even use Little Falls as their primary residence, so while not paying into the tax base, they are burdening the City with this inappropriate development.

These same individuals can/do/will use subtle threats to influence not only elected officials, but the appointed Board members- all of whom will be involved with the decisions on these proposed developments. The recent vote against the building moratorium motion was the most recent use of this threat. There will be more.

Remember- the few individuals driving for these low-income developments will not be here to see the outcomes of these developments, but the City’s character will be changed forever.

Stand up and take control of the City’s future.

Ariel Twitchell
Little Falls NY