The mid-winter retiree meeting was beginning and I was running late. I entered the crowded dining room and spied an empty seat making my way through the maze of tables. Suddenly an arm reached out to stop me. A neighbor looked up stating, “Gloria,
I have been wanting to thank you for convincing me to vote for Anthony Brindisi. I am so pleased with the job he is doing”.

I sat down, wondering which of Anthony’s accomplishments she admired. Was it the Senior Citizen’s Town Hall at which he discussed Medicare, Social Security, and rising drug costs or the House bill requiring the military to use American made flatware benefiting Sherrill Manufacturing? Maybe it is his appointment to the Armed Services Committee and his procurement of ten million dollars for the Rome Lab or his dedicated efforts to obtain a local Veteran’s cemetery in Oneida County since the closest one is In Saratoga. Then again, he created an agricultural advisory council to support our local farmers.

My neighbor is a member of an opposing political party with conservative values. Yet she appreciates Congressman Brindisi’s dedication to his constituents. This encounter is validation of Indivisible MV’s mantra, “Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport.”

Thank you,
Gloria D. Koslofsky