We have to take sides as a community. There is so much at stake here involving the proposed Zaida Project. Plant a sign. Write a letter. Go to the meetings. Make sure your voice heard.

If the voices of only the privileged few—those with enough esteem, connections, or financial stakes—are heard, then the majority never gets their fair say.

I live quite close to Reed Street. I can understand how someone could come to the conclusion that is the main reason I am concerned.

My proximity is not my biggest concern. My biggest concern is the long lasting consequences of allowing ANY residential property to be rezoned to the benefit of ANY project.

Those consequences would affect everyone in this city, not just those like myself nearest the proposed location. Property taxes will be impacted city wide leading to the increase in cost of home ownership and subsequently also increase rent. Whether you have children attending school or not our school taxes will be affected.

Being priced out of our neighborhoods is a real threat if multi million dollar development projects are allowed to be zoned and built in what is traditionally a single family zoned area.

New York State still leaves zoning in the hands of local government. Politicians have already presented bills in this state that would essentially ban single family zoning and allow high capacity rental units to be built anywhere. It’s already happened in some states in this Country. If we let the dominoes fall now we will never pick them back up.

This proposed Zaida Project is a threat to the very appeal used in the sales pitch; we’re a little tight knit community in rural upstate New York. We will no longer be little or tight knit if development projects are allowed to bend rules to fit their profit margins.

I leave you with this thought; Why do you live here?

A Concerned Resident,

Bryan Herringshaw
Little Falls, New York

Disclaimer: I will not and have not commented or replied on this site; the use of my name in the comments of my most recent letter was impersonation. Questions and/or comments that are RELEVANT can be sent to LittleFallsFirst@Protonmail.com