Our representative to Congress, Claudia Tenney, makes a point to honor our public servants in uniform, our police, veterans and fire fighters. She makes sure they are recognized publicly in the newspaper to remind us to honor them as well. I applaud her for that, as their service to our communities and nation are essential for our safety and national security. However, there are some people in uniform that she has yet to recognize, and they are the Capitol and DC Metropolitan police who endured a horrific insurrection on January 6. These brave officers were beaten, injured and verbally abused, while their authority to keep the Capitol safe was ignored by an angry, destructive mob, hellbent to disrupt the certification of our election. I am hoping Representative Tenney will meet with these brave police officers to assure them that some Republican Representatives are horrified by the idea of an insurrection at our capitol. She needs to tell them that she supports the insurrection investigation, punishment of those who participated and reparations to the police harmed on that day. Anything short of that shows she really doesn’t respect our uniformed public servants but uses them for photo-ops.

Sandra Scofield
Clinton, NY 13323