I would like to take a minute to talk about Mr. Mark Rose, a candidate for Herkimer County Family Court Judge. I have known Mark and his family for 30+ years. He has been my personal attorney and we have worked with the officers in volunteering time and services for Little Falls Elks Lodge and the Salisbury Ridgerunners Snowmobile Club. Mark has also done work for the Auxiliary Services Corporation I am Executive Director with the utmost professionalism.

Mark Rose has always been a supporter of Not-for-Profits and helped with many community activities in our city and surrounding towns. Even being a busy with a family and many evening commitments to towns and village and court, he always takes time to answer questions and serve our community. As we say, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

Mark has worked with and for many of my friends and with their children. His calming demeanor and common sense approach has been a trait that we all admire and respect him for as he continually and consistently does work for families in the courtroom. As the City of Little Falls judge and a visiting judge in Oneida County, his experience is second to none.

I believe the best part of my years of knowing Mark and his family is having him as a friend. Respect is earned and a great friend is priceless. There are two good men running for this position. I think Mark is very qualified and the County of Herkimer will be a better place if he is elected to this most important position. His experience as a judge puts him at the top of the list. I ask you to vote for him in the Republican primary this month and the election in November.

Thank you.

Brian T. Marhaver