In 2014, NYS approved innovative regulations that offered all students, both public and private, multiple pathways in achieving a NYS diploma. This change has provided options to high school students who might have dropped out or failed in the traditional Regents pathway. They are now able to graduate and go on to successful careers.

It was Anthony Brindisi who advocated and authored this initiative while serving in the NYS Assembly. As a teacher, I have witnessed the positive impact this has made with students. I know students who, after earning a NYS Diploma through the pathways established as a result of Anthony’s bill, continued their education in college or trade schools and are now successfully employed. Others have been able to exit high school directly into employment or the military because they have the skills and the required high school diploma.

Anthony continues his support of education. He voted for the Heroes Act which would send needed funds directly to local school districts. Anthony has called on Betsy DeVos to reverse her decision mandating standardized testing for all students for this school year and to give states the flexibility to tailor testing plans accordingly.

Anthony Brindisi serves our country with the character and values that this country needs. His bipartisan actions demonstrate his continued ability to make a positive difference. Anthony’s actions have proven that he is an effective leader in delivering for our community. We need to keep Anthony Brindisi as our representative in Congress.

Katherine Wojciechowski
Oneida, NY