The New York Health Act (NYHA) should be brought to the floor of the New York State Legislature for a vote during the 2022 legislative session. This is a single-payer public program that will save money and offer full health insurance for every New Yorker. It will allow spending on health care to go directly to actual health care instead of enriching corporations. 

It will: 

  • Save everyone money – no more payments, deductibles, co-pays, everyone is covered.
  • Change only the reimbursement method, not the providers
  • Stop ‘job-lock’- no one stuck in a job that they don’t like 
  • Free up entrepreneurs to open small businesses
  • Save businesses the money spent on health care administration
  • Maintain free choice of providers
  • Offer people working in health insurance or billing good jobs
  • Keep union negotiations focused on salaries instead of health care
  • Reduce fraud and ‘accidental’ overcharges

The Friedman assessment and the Rand research seen at shows that it is fiscally sound.  Friedman concludes “The new system would create such large economies in the administration of health care that all of those currently uninsured could be given access to health care with money left over.”  

Elizabeth Briggs
Mohawk, New York 13407