One of the many duties the nation’s top executive is tasked with handling is ensuring ample nutrition for our country’s most vulnerable; babies. While it would seem obvious, President Biden has been shockingly incompetent, even for his standards. At the end of May, the out-of-stock shelf rate for baby formula was 73%. There is no greater “kitchen table issue” that is more pressing in today’s climate than parents’ ability to feed their newborn babies. Despite the many warnings and internal signs that a potential shortage would hit the nation, President Biden did nothing to alter its course and as a result, has left many families in a state of desperation and panic. Rep. Elise Stefanik addressed the crisis and detailed a Republican-led strategy to combat the supply chain problems, restock shelves, and provide necessary oversight into the administration’s mishandling of shortage to ensure it does not repeat itself. Families deserve certainty, especially when it comes to their children, and no family should be forced to struggle to feed their babies. This issue is a metaphor for the incompetence and deterioration of the Biden administration and the solutions Rep. Stefanik is working every day to provide for the American people.

Maxim Verenich
Frankfort NY 13340