Hello.  My wife and I live in Little Falls.  We both take the thruway from Little Falls (29a) to work (Utica) every day.  We both have E-ZPass tags.  When we get off the thruway exit at Little Falls on our return home, the new system scans our E-ZPass tag and also scans our license plate, and charges both.  Every time we get off 29a I get an extra charge to our license plate of $2.95 which is the cost from Syracuse to Little Falls.  This is in addition to the E-ZPass tag charge from wherever we are coming from.

I have called E-ZPass multiple times explaining there must be an issue with the new automatic scanning system.  They have yet to reimburse us for these overcharges or fix the problem at the Little Falls thruway exit.  This is happening daily to both my wife and me.  We are curious if this happening to everyone who lives in Little Falls or gets off exit 29a.

It seems to take a couple of weeks to start seeing the extra charges.  I didn’t know I was going to get charged until weeks after the fact when my account was depleted with charges from weeks earlier.   They have done this three times to me in a month.  My E-ZPass account was billed all at once for numerous dates.  My wife also received a bill in the mail from E-ZPass with a picture of her license plate with numerous charges from 29a to 29a for $3.10 each time. She also has an E-ZPass.  None of these charges make any sense.

I am reaching out to hopefully get some awareness of this issue so it can be resolved.