I spent a lot of time this past weekend reflecting on America. Our independence. Our values. What it means to be an American.

I’ve also thought about the people who want to destroy us. Who want to re-write our history and change what this country is all about.

These people are selfish. They’ve never put on a uniform or walked into battle. They’ve never been willing to sacrifice their own life for that of a stranger. Yet these are the people making edicts, issuing demands, and clawing for the spotlight.


Here is my bullet-point message to them.

Race: If your race defines who you are, you will forever be enslaved by victimhood. Americans don’t hate each other based on appearance. We see through the constant race-baiting the media peddles, and we’re done with it.

Media: We’ve stopped watching/reading. Ratings crashes and plummeting circulations prove it. Your political bias has cost you your credibility, and our attention.

Trans: Stop trying to force us to accept that men who identify as women should compete against women, or be transferred to women’s prisons (where they’re now reportedly assaulting female prisoners.) Stop looking for special treatment.

Respect for the flag: If you’re an American and the flag doesn’t inspire you, there are 194 other countries in the world where you can move. Turn your back, take a knee, move along. You disrespect every single woman and man who fought for freedom and died defending it.

Schools: Activist teachers have forgotten what they were hired to do. TEACH. A staggering number of kids can’t pass basic grade-based proficiency tests, so take your twisted books about anal sex and masturbation with you as you are kicked out. School boards unwilling to hear from angry parents forget that they serve US. Pack up and call CNN. I hear they’re hiring.

Fauci/Walensky: Your credibility is gone. We don’t “trust the science.” We don’t believe your numbers regarding infections, deaths, or the safety of the jab. You’ve lied repeatedly and those lies have cost far too many Americans their lives and livelihoods.

Violence/Defund police: Big city (democratic) crime is out of control. You can blame guns, Republicans, racism, or anything else, but Americans want law and order. We want criminals arrested and prosecuted. Taking money away from the professionals trained to keep us safe and then blaming systemic racism has backfired with deadly results. America needs to rethink its generations-old habit of electing the same tired leaders who check boxes but never produce results.

BLM: We would like to see how the $100 million PLUS of donations to this group has helped a single black life, save for BLM’s co-founders who have enriched themselves with property, trips, meals, etc. And why is it that people with BLM signs in their yards never seem to fly American flags?

Election: Americans want elections free from fraud. A majority of voters believe the results from 2020 deserve investigation. Silencing our concerns because you think we want Donald Trump back is the wrong approach. We want the TRUTH. Our election system is broken and telling us it isn’t, simply confirms our suspicions.

Covid: The virus is over, stop it with the stupid masks and “new variant” scare tactics. Get your 6-foot circles off the ground, take away the plexiglass, and move along. We were born free, we are free, and we will always choose to live free.

Vaccine dangers: Stop calling those of us who believe in My Body, My Choice vaccine deniers, or anti-vaxxers. No. We are free thinkers, and we’re paying attention to what the media and big tech desperately try to cover up every day. Why would we vaccinate our children when their chance of Covid survival is 99.98%? Americans are free to make their own decisions and then manage the consequences. Take your mandates and shove them.

Censorship: We want access to a wide range of ideas and opinions so we can decide what’s best for us and our families. When you block, ban, delete or silence people and the information they have to share, you simply reinforce to America that our suspicions about your motives are correct. If you have nothing to hide and no agenda to push, stop choosing the winners and losers in the marketplace of ideas.

The Squad: These people represent the demise of the Democratic Party. If you put your eggs in the baskets of those who hate America and everything she represents, you alienate a significant segment of your voters who want what we all want: Safety, opportunity, and the freedom to sink or swim on our own.

Biden is weak, Kamala is weaker: There’s no question Joe Biden is cognitively crumbling. The most voted-for president in American history believes in putting America last. Kamala Harris is disliked, and for good reason. These people love the titles they have and their perceived importance. What they should love above ALL ELSE is America.

Border chaos and crime: Stop blaming others for your failed, dangerous policies. Illegal immigration has exploded, and you’ve ushered hundreds of thousands of people into our cities with NO regard for our safety. Your policies are a slap to the millions of immigrants who’ve followed the rules for generations, who’ve become legal citizens, and who love what America stands for.

We The People are taking America back. Either you love this country or you don’t. If you don’t, we see you. We don’t care what political party you belong to. We’re done playing.

One final note. The backbone of this country is NOT Washington D.C. It is the American family. We can right the wrongs being taught in our schools and do what we must: Teach our children about faith, hard work, sacrifice and determination. It begins inside each of our households. America’s future depends on parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors. We will not fail.

God bless the United States of America.

Wendy Bell
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania