As a concerned resident of our community, I am not surprised but will regardless draw attention to the multitude of signs that have sprouted across our neighborhood. Each one bears a simple but potent message: “No Zaida Project.” These signs are not merely expressions of dissent; they represent the unity of neighbors, with the common goal to preserve our City.

It’s crucial that we interpret these signs not just as symbols of objection but as warnings of a potential future. Behind each “No Zaida Project” sign lies a homeowner who is deeply invested in the well-being of our community. They see beyond the immediate threat posed by this project; they foresee the irreversible changes it could bring to our neighborhoods.

Allow me to illustrate the trajectory we’re on if the Zaida Project is allowed to proceed unchecked. What begins as a forest of “No Zaida Project” signs may inevitably transform into a landscape dotted with “For Sale” signs. The charm and allure of our community, once a place of rural tranquility, could fade into memory as disheartened residents seek refuge elsewhere.

Make no mistake; the stakes are high, and the signs are clear. Our community’s future hangs in the balance, and the decisions we make today will reverberate for a very long time.

A Concerned Resident

Bryan Herringshaw
Little Falls, New York