Democracy is not about being in a fan club. It is not about who puts out more signs or flags. It is about looking at the work done, the track record, looking at who will do more for our area, and VOTING.

The answer is clear. In her years in office, Elise Stefanik has gotten two bills passed – one to rename a Plattsburgh post office and one, creating a centennial commemorative coin. She voted AGAINST legislation that would help our district. Stefanik voted against legislation to expand GI Bill eligibility to reservists and National Guard members. She voted against a bill guaranteeing access to birth control. She voted against supporting Veterans who suffered ill health from active duty in burn pits and working with toxic chemicals. She voted no on the infrastructure bill, a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure and job competitiveness that is sorely needed. HOW IS SHE HELPING NY 21?

The answer is clear. We have a choice – someone who risked his life to protect his country, someone who worked to keep our nation safe from terrorists, who has a track record of serving we the people in life and death situations. Someone who has had open Town Halls in every county in the district, because he listens to the people. That is Matt Castelli.

Elizabeth Briggs
Mohawk NY