I enjoy the community in which I live. I have not only the blessing to live here but also to work here. The honor of being able to serve and care for this community directly. Being able to live and work in your hometown is a luxury that simply does not exist very often in the 21st century. I do not take it for granted.

If you had told me at the beginning of May 2024 that my happiness and way of life here would be threatened, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s startling how differently I felt by the end of May. How I feel right now. Worried.

I do not write any of these letters to make this threat to our community about myself. Instead I write these letters to ensure that at least one concerned voice of the community is shouted from the rooftops as loudly, yet respectfully, as possible.

So let me tell you why I chose to live here in my hometown. Why after college, instead of moving far away, I chose to get a job here, and why I chose to buy my first home here.

Little Falls is where I am from. Little Falls is where my family is from. My Grandparents. My Parents. My Aunts and Uncles. My Cousins. My siblings. Little Falls is the place my Wife, Daughter, and Myself call home.

I know my families presence here going back generations is not unique, and is quite common for most residents of this community. There’s a reason for that.

Little Falls is a safe, affordable, and tranquil place to live. A rural place where you know and care about your neighbors, not only them but also for the rest of the community.

If I wanted to live or work in a “booming” large city, Utica is 20 miles away. Rome 30 miles away. Amsterdam 35 miles away. Albany and Syracuse both 65 miles away. It takes just a little over an hours drive to get to the furthest City mentioned. The reasons I don’t live in any of them are significant too.

I feel that the reasons I chose to live here in Little Falls are suddenly at risk.

There are reasons you live here and it’s important you protect those reasons. Make your reasons known. Make your voice heard.

A Concerned Resident,

Bryan Herringshaw