Senior students at Little Falls High School gather to get their copy of the yearbook on Monday.

by Dave Warner

The Little Falls High School yearbook staff rolled out their issue in a special ‘reveal’ ceremony on Monday, and it wasn’t all pretty printed pages that were shown. It was an interactive experience with a video introduction.

The book was dedicated to the memory of Connor Gage, and his parents were called out to receive special copies of the yearbook during the presentation.

According to art teacher Kara Milianta, they did something totally new this year that has not been done in Little Falls before. “It’s an interactive yearbook that comes to life.”

Throughout the year, the yearbook staff had been taking not just photos, but videos as well in anticipation of the project. Then, through a special app, the yearbook is able to reveal this hidden content when you look for it.

Milianta and business teacher Sarah Barnes were both involved in the project with the students. “We had a group of students that helped us throughout the year, almost every day, being the eyes and ears of the life of the school and they kept us informed about what was going on. They took pictures and videos and there is a lot of hidden content in the yearbook,” said Milianta.

“It’s really fun and exciting. I think the kids are going to love it. It’s a little extra bonus,” she said.

She went on to say that we live in the era of Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat and the problem is that the content on them doesn’t last forever. “A yearbook lasts forever and that’s hard to explain to kids who’ve grown up with social media. This is just our trendy way of keeping up with the times and making it non-traditional and fun for them,” said Milianta.

Editor in Chief Olivia Langdon said, “Mrs. Milianta introduced the concept to us, but as soon as Mrs. Barnes and I heard about it, we got right to it and started planning it.”

Langdon shot a lot of the video that was used for the yearbook and did a lot of editing. “We really didn’t fill anyone else in on what we were doing exactly. Most of the seniors were under the impression that it would be put into the senior slide show at graduation,” she said.

Langdon said that a lot of the teachers knew about it as well and included their own videos for the project. “We have worked really hard all year on this yearbook. There are 340 students enrolled in Little Falls and the yearbook is 140 pages and we have a total of 1,730 photos.”

There is also a YouTube channel that has expanded content on it. All of the video that was shot was uploaded to the channel. “We have a girls varsity soccer page, a boys varsity football page, and several others on YouTube,” Milianta said.

To look for the hidden content in the yearbook, you need to download the HP Reveal app. According to the developers, it changes the way we interact with the physical world. You can discover augmented reality (AR) experiences in photos, posters, birthday cards, and more they say.

There are 43 yearbooks left and they go on sale today for $65. They are available at the school during block 5 in front of the business room. Checks should be made payable to Little Falls High School Yearbook if you are interested.