by Mike Cecconi

The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce an in-person reading by author, activist, and historian Deirdre Sinnott from her brand-new novel of historical fiction “The Third Mrs. Galway” on Wednesday, July 14th at 2 PM in the library’s Community Room. It will be a free event, open to the general public, with light refreshment provided and copies of Ms. Sinnott’s novel available for purchase after her presentation.

Originally from nearby Clinton NY, Deirdre Sinnott is an independent scholar, filmmaker, author, and activist whose career in history and the arts began with a fine arts degree in theatre from Syracuse University. She is currently a historical consultant and researcher for the Fort Stanwix Underground Railroad History Project while also working on a book of non-fiction about the American Abolition movement and the Underground Railroad and lecturing on the lingering effects of racial injustice on our society. Her writings have appeared in publications such as Utica’s Observer-Dispatch, the Catskill Review of Books, and Hippocampus Magazine, with her work for Hippocampus receiving a nomination for The Pushcart Prize and publication in its Selected Memories anthology. As a filmmaker, Sinnott has also directed two award-winning documentaries, “23 Reasons Why 23 Years Is Enough” and “Multiple Injuries”. She currently resides in New York State, splitting time between New York City and the Catskill Mountains.

“The Third Mrs. Galway” is Ms. Sinnott’s first work in the historical novel genre, building from her deep experience with documentary filmmaking and non-fiction writing. The story takes place in 1830s Utica, as the abolitionist movement grows throughout the American North, the bubbling of the movement toward slavery’s abolition and Civil War, as the Underground Railroad formed to aid escaped slaves on their flight to freedom in Canada. It’s inside this stew of oppression and social changes the main character, the newlywed Mrs. Galway, stumbles into upon discovering two runaway slaves hiding on her husband’s property. She finds herself, as so many were in that time, torn between her moral, legal, ethical, and marital duties in the face of these refugees. Does she do what is legally correct? Morally right? Can she deal with the consequences that can come with either of those decisions? Aided and hindered by a diverse cast of characters, against a very real setting of upheaval in early-to-mid 1800s Utica, the new Mrs. Galway must make a choice and figure out how to live with that choice. This is what Ms. Sinnott will share with the Little Falls Public Library audience in her reading and presentation on Wednesday, July 14th.

For more information on this or other upcoming events, you can visit the LF library’s website at, check out their Facebook page at, or call 1-315-823-1542. The Little Falls Public Library appreciates the opportunity to share history and culture with the local community live and in person and hopes to see you there!