The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce a live musical performance by the Chilean singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ricardo Parra, presented online via the Zoom teleconferencing application, Thursday, April 22nd from 7 PM to 8 PM. Mr. Parra is preparing a wide range of songs and styles for the virtual concert, from his own original works to the American standards, South American and English traditional, across such genres as folk, blues, classical, and bossa nova.

Mr. Parra’s passion for music started with his mother, herself a singer and guitarist, instilling in him a great love for that artistic form. As time grew, he learned how to express himself through melody and harmony until he eventually realized that his life work was to be interpreting the music of others and composing his own as well. His influences ended up drawing from a pool spanning the breadth of North and South America as well as Europe, as eclectic as American folk like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor to Brazilian bossa nova artists such as Tom Jobim, British pop-rock in the vein of Sting and Phil Collins. Beyond that, he similarly has a great affection for a wide range of international jazz and classical musicians, impacting both his compositions and his interpretations of others’ works.

Ricardo’s music has taken him all over North and South America, sharing his unique mixture of styles and techniques with audiences across the United States, Mexico, and Chile. Mr. Parra has accepted invitations to perform from some of the premier cultural institutions of Mexico, such as the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico, many of its finest universities as well as the Library of Mexico and the Festival de Trova de Ixtenco. Similarly, in Chile, he has played for many institutions of high regard including multiple engagements with Concepcion University.

Ricardo’s American performances have taken him all over the United States as well, such as at St. Francis University in Illinois, but with a particular focus on playing for the people of Texas, sharing his music with museums, libraries, and learning institutions in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Previous to the COVID pandemic, Mr. Parra was doing roughly three tours a year but has acclimated well to performing virtually, with the web camera as an intermediary, such as it will be in performance for the library via Zoom.

The concert will be available on the Zoom application with the meeting ID 933 9335 4179. For more information, visit the library’s website at, check out its Facebook page or call 315-823-1542, not only in regards to this event but also for other future events like it. The Little Falls Public Library appreciates the opportunity to share arts and culture with the local community as well as the world at large through the internet and hopes to see you online for the performance!