by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Public Library had a dedication ceremony on Sunday for the Theresa Carrig Children’s Center. The event had been planned for last year, but COVID restrictions caused them to put the event on hold.

Blaise Carrig spoke on behalf of the entire family and said, “When my mother passed away, we wanted to do something that honored her life being the great mother that she was to us, and we always had books around our house.”

“One of the biggest influences on us as we grew up was reading and the accessibility to books and the dreams and inspiration that it gave all of us in our lives as we went forward,” he stated.

He went on to talk about how his sister had documented that in a video when the project was first launched.

Carrig said that he had reached out to Ralph Renzulli, who was on the board at the library and had asked him about doing something. “We had started thinking small – what do you need a desk or a chair or something – and Ralph said, let’s think big.”

The board had already been talking about remodeling the children’s center and Carrig said, “My mother also loved kids, and loved coming down here and seeing kids in the library. So, it was an easy ask for us. We all embraced the project.”

Carrig said that the board was incredible in helping them fill that dream to honor their mom, and he thanked them all individually.

“When I first walked in here a couple of days ago, it really made me gasp at how beautiful this really is. I had told Ralph to make this awesome if we were really going to do it and I really do think we have an awesome project,” he stated.

Carrig went on to thank Rock City Development for doing the project work and he said, “We had to fight with them a little bit, but they did OK.”

He said that the more people who see the facility, the better. “Our mom was an awesome lady and a very humble woman and she would be proud and greatly embarrassed at the same time with this event.”