Janina Grey signs her new book called ‘Ten Bucks and a Wish’ at the Little Falls Public Library while her mother looks on.

by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Public Library had a ‘meet the author’ event for local writer Janina Grey and the release of her new book called Ten Bucks and a Wish, which is a contemporary romance novel.

“Ten Bucks and a Wish is a contemporary romance published by Soul Mate Publishing. It’s based on Long Island and a fictitious town called Old Westfield, which is sort of like the name of the town I grew up in,” said Grey.

The book takes two childhood sweethearts and pits them against each other 5-7 years later in a building development crisis. The woman’s parents have passed away, and their house and farmland are one of the only remaining farms in the area, and they have been run into the ground.

“Her former sweetheart lives next door and he wants to buy the land and develop it and turn it into a contemporary type of village that would save 20 acres and develop the rest,” she said.

The farm had been in the area for more than 300 years. “The whole book is about them battling each other because she thinks he just wants her for the farmland. It incorporates things that I experienced while living there because I was a reporter,” commented Grey.

Grey lives in Herkimer now as she moved there after 9/11. “We lived on Long Island when 9/11 happened and it was really horrific. A lot of people that we knew, knew people that were involved. Luckily, we didn’t lose anyone we knew, and there were funerals every week, memorials, bomb scares and the schools were constantly on lockdown after that, so we just picked up the kids and moved here,” she stated.

Grey says she’s been writing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. “My first poem I wrote at seven years old and I still have it. In sixth grade, I’d write short stories with our spelling lists and every week my teacher would read the stories to the class like it was a continuing saga,” said Grey. “That’s when I just knew I had to write.”

She works full time for the YWCA in Utica and has a family, but every other waking second is taken up with writing her next books. “When I’m not sleeping or taking care of my family, I’m writing. It’s probably the first and last thing I do each and every day.”

This is Grey’s first published book. But she has another book that is almost completed called ‘Love in the Forest’. She also has a trilogy that she is working on based in Long Island and Scotland and it’s a time-travel romance. One book of the trilogy is already finished, the second book is half done, and the third is outlined. “I just need to find the time to finish them,” she lamented.

If that weren’t enough, she has yet another book that she is working on called ‘Casey’s Place’ that will be next, which will be a Utica-based romance. “The heroine is going to be a ‘Y’ girl from the 20s,” said Grey. “I’m going to talk about landmark places in Utica in the book.”

Grey says that she owes a lot of her success to Romance Writers of America. “They have a local chapter called Central New York Writers Association and some of the people that are here tonight to support me are from that group. If it wasn’t for them motivating me and cheering me on, I would never be here.”

You can find out more about Grey by visiting her website at www.janinagrey.com or on Facebook. If you’d like to purchase the book, you can find it on Amazon.