Try listening to the story instead of reading it!

by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Library is undergoing some major renovations that will transform half of its first-floor area.

According to Matt Powers, President of the Library board, “We got a major donation from a family, the children of Teresa Carrig, and they gave us a nice sum of money to help us do something with the children’s section. Either to revamp it or add technology to it to bolster its usability or interest.”

The reason for that focus was because the family said that Teresa loved going to the library and loved kids. “We started talking about this at board meetings and said, we’ve got this money, and we’re going to do this, so why don’t we just renovate the whole space,” said Powers.

The entire area when you first come into the library is under construction. “We’re going to make the children’s area a little more kid-friendly,” he said.

The spiral staircase is now gone and the area where the desktop computers were is under construction as well. The project started approximately two weeks ago, and they are aiming to complete the construction by the end of February.

“The timelines are a little flexible,” according to Powers. “People are going to be surprised. It’s going to be much more open, it’s going to be brighter and more colorful. It’s going to be much more energetic than it is currently,” stated Powers.

They’ll be installing state of the art equipment and new furniture, that will make it more accessible and comfortable. “I think people will be stunned by the quality of workmanship and the layout that we have come up with,” he said.

Powers thinks that the renovations are going to add a lot to the library in terms of the opportunities that they’ll be able to offer.

“We’re looking at drawing more kids, users, and patrons to the facility. We’re hoping to make them life-long learners and readers,” stated Powers.

There will be iPad stations with learning games pre-loaded for children as well in the new area.

Library Director Anne Nassar said, “I think it’s going to be more visually appealing. It’s going to look bigger and they’ll be more open space so we can have activities for children where they can actually move around. It will also be easier for people to navigate with carriages and baby strollers, which we get a lot of.”

Nassar says the computer lab will be handicapped accessible for the first time as well. “We’re going to have two labs. One just for adults, and one for small children.”

“It’s just going to look fantastic,” she said.

The plans aren’t going to stop with this renovation, as the board is considering some other interesting ideas that they don’t want to disclose at this point in time.

“With this project, it helps the direction we’re trying to go by bringing in 21st-century kinds of things. Modernizing our technology and making it usable for many more years, but trying to stay current with things that are changing rapidly,” Powers said.

He said that the library is always working on their collection of books, adding things all the time, but the latest focus will be on health and wellness materials.

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