The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce, in conjunction with this autumn’s Little Falls Cheese Festival, LiFT Theatre’s production of the short comedy-mystery play “Where’s The Green Cheese?” to be staged in the library’s Community Room on Saturday, October the 2nd with two performances at 11 AM and 1 PM. There will be no charge for admission and the seating will be first-come, first-serve. Seating will be limited so show up early for preferred seats.

“Where’s The Green Cheese?” is a continuation of the Mac Blac light-noir mystery series that has been a part of many iterations of the Little Falls Cheese Festival, produced by LiFT Theater company, as written by Angela Harris and directed by Matt Powers. Various adventures in the saga have been staged at different community venues throughout the years. With this year’s festival shifted to autumn when the library has its Saturday hours, the series has found its 2021 home at 10 Waverly Place.

At the occasion of the first Cheese Festival, knowing she had previously written and produced the play “Strike Story” about the Great Little Falls Textile Strike, the committee tapped Angela Harris to write a show in honor of the festival and cheese. She agreed and proceeded to author “Where’s The Cheese”, far less historical and far more humorous than “Strike Story” and yet uniquely fitting for the celebration. Collaborating with the local theatrical director Matt Powers and the area LiFT theater troupe, “Where’s The Cheese” was a well-received element of the first festival. That success led to their collaboration and the characters in that first show continuing for every Cheese Festival, a new cheese-based play in the Mac Blac series each festival since.

This year’s installment returns to the investigator Mac Blac, by his reputation Little Falls’ only “professional problem solver”, with Blac’s recruitment to help a visitor from across the country. Complicating matters is a party in the works at Mr. Blac’s office, complicated even further by a mystery guest. Their situation is even more confused by singing in the next room, it all leads to the play’s overarching mystery: what could green cheese possibly have to do with it? Questions will find answers, answers will be questioned and a fun time will be had by all in the twists and turns of the classic old-fashioned light-noir mystery format, with a cheese twist and more than one Little Falls turn. The perfect complement to the Cheese Festival for anyone with a love of the stage, classic radio-play mysteries, or local-flavored laughs.

For more information on this or other upcoming events, you can visit the LF library’s website at, check out their Facebook page at, or call 1-315-823-1542. The Little Falls Public Library appreciates the chance to be a part of this year’s Little Falls Cheese Festival as well as all opportunities to share local arts and culture with the community live and in person. They hope to see you there, for a uniquely cheesy good time!