By Dave Warner

Little Falls High School Alumni Bob Casullo will be inducted into the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame on Monday night.

Casullo had a 38-year coaching career, where he spent 12 seasons in the high-school ranks (Henninger and Baldwinsville), 17 at the college level (Syracuse, Georgia Tech, and Michigan State), and nine in the National Football League (Raiders, Jets, Seahawks, and Buccaneers).

He coached in one Section 3 title game, ten college bowl games, fifteen NFL playoff contests, and two Super Bowls.

He said, “Growing up in Little Falls and playing football and basketball, I had a good coach during my senior year of football with Dave McCauley. Coach McCauley always encouraged me to go into the coaching profession because he felt that I was a natural for it.”

Casullo went to Brockport, played for four years, and then began his coaching career in the Syracuse school system.

Photo submitted - Coach Casullo while at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Photo submitted – Coach Casullo while at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He said he dabbled with semi-pro football for “A day or two, and said, enough is enough, let me switch sides and go to the coaching profession, and that’s how I did it.”

“Coming from Little Falls, New York – growing up, we probably had maybe 7 or 8 thousand people – for me and a lot of us kids back then, you were watching black and white TV, spaceships going to the moon, and riots on college campuses, in California. Coming from Little Falls, New York – the difference between going to the moon and California – there was no difference.”

For him, before that, going to Utica had been the biggest trip of his life. “I thought that was Manhatten.”

“Since I’ve been retired, people ask me about this and that and I say, wow, wow. I did that,” he stated. “The NFL is the icing on the cake.”

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