by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Babe Ruth team experienced their first loss of the season to Ilion in Monday nights game at Veteran’s Memorial Field.

The previously unbeaten team moved to 8-1 with two games left in the season, and Ilion moves to 9-1.

According to Coach Chrisman “Everybody gets into the playoffs. It’s based on where you finish. So seeds are 1-12 and on Monday the 15th, the 5-12th seed teams will play and then those winners will play 1-4 on the 17th. Then those four winners will play on the 19th here at Vets Field at 5:30 and 7:30 pm.”

After that, the two winners of those games will play on the 22nd at Vets Field at 7:30 pm.

“It’s a good league. It keeps the kids busy during the summer. We’ve played extremely well this year and I’m pleased with the players, although they didn’t come to play today,” said the Coach.

“Hopefully, we’ll play these guys (Ilion) in the championship game and we’ll retaliate with a win,” he said.

The MVBUA league is made up of 13-15-year-old boys and there are 12 teams in the league. They play an 11 game schedule. The Little Falls team is coached by Keith Chrisman, Cooper Busch, and Sean Regan.