LITTLE FALLS, NY – With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to keep New York State on “pause” and affect so many aspects of peoples’ lives, the Little Falls Cheese Festival committee is announcing that it will cancel July’s 2020 festival and look to bring the festival back in 2021.

“The Cheese Festival drew in about 6,000 people last summer, and it became harder and harder to imagine our vendors or attendees wanting to put themselves in a crowded street festival,” said Teri Chace of the Little Falls Cheese Festival planning committee. “Even if the state is ‘opened up’ in time for our festival, we all feel that we have a clear responsibility to the community to ensure a safe event. Canceling is heartbreaking, but it’s the right thing to do.”

Chace was quick to add that the cancellation of this year’s event is not the end of the Little Falls Cheese Festival. The committee will look to resume the annual event in July 2021, and in the meantime, it will continue the ‘Keep Cheese Alive’ initiative it began earlier in the month.

“Just because we’re not holding our festival this year doesn’t mean you can’t get great, locally-made cheeses and other products,” Chace explained. “These are exactly the kind of small businesses we should be supporting right now, and there are a number of ways to do this: You can call and see if they ship, do local delivery, have on-site pickup or offer gift cards.” The Little Falls Cheese Festival website lists all vendors that signed up for the 2020 festival, and the festival’s Facebook page now features individual businesses so visitors can learn more about what they offer and how to support them.

The Little Falls Cheese Festival is New York State’s premier gathering of cheesemakers, with an estimated 6,000 people in attendance last year. The festival features various New York State farm-produced cheeses, from hard cheeses, goat cheeses, spreadable cheeses, yogurts, cheese curds to ice cream and gelato, and more, with numerous New York-based gourmet food and craft beverage vendors to complement the cheeses. Keep up to date with future plans by following the Little Falls Cheese Festival on Facebook, Instagram, or visiting