Attn: Director of the Little Falls Hospital
Emergency Room Staff on Duty 10/21/2023

To all that it may concern:

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the attention and professional care that I received Saturday night as an ambulance was called for me on Mill Street, where I experienced lightheadedness and loss of consciousness, falling and striking my head on the asphalt street. I walked down to the Rock Valley Brewery for assistance.

The waitress called Mr. Mike George, the owner, who directed her to call an ambulance. The waitress attended to my lacerated left eyebrow. I had suffered a similar injury a few years ago while sitting on a wall at Stewarts parking lot, requiring Little Falls ER services.

Several of the brewery staff attended to my head injury. One waitress in particular talked to me while I was shocked, and I told her that I did not want to ride in the ambulance. She told me that I would require medical assistance. When she asked me why I was so reluctant to take the ride to the ER, I replied that I was out of cigarettes and knew the ride to the ER would not stop to get a pack. The waitress then took a phone photo of the empty pack. When I arrived at the ER room, this waitress was there in the room, still assisting me at approximately 11 pm.

The ER staff was quick to monitor my vitals, heart rate, and pulse rate on hospital monitors. They did a CAT scan to rule out a concussion. The attending ER physician applied glue to my laceration while the waitress was still with me. A nurse then approached me on the right side of the bed, informing me that she was going to start an IV. I sharply replied, no, you’re not! I didn’t think she would be able to find a viable vein in the arm of a 75 1/2-year-old man without trouble. The waitress spoke to me two weeks later when we talked about the ER events. She asked if I remembered her directing my attention to the watch on my left hand while the nurse installed a portal IV in my left arm without any problem. I couldn’t believe she did it so effectively!

In the same conversation, days later, she told me that my blood pressure was as high as 165/40 that night. I had suffered a major stroke in 2013 & was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation then. She informed me that the ER attending ordered & injected medication for the occurring A Fib. After the ER technicians finished and removed the monitor equipment, I rested as well as I could in the bright emergency room. I regained my equilibrium and was about to walk myself to the restroom, and my confusion from the loss of consciousness cleared. The IV portal was removed, and a bandaid was applied. Only a single puncture mark was evidence of the removed portal from my arm. Whoever this nurse was that night did an excellent job. Whoever she was, I hope she is able to learn of my gratitude towards her.

I hope to have this letter posted to the My Little Falls website and the Rock Valley Brewing Company website. Acknowledging the conscientious ER Staff Saturday night and also highlighting the conscientious waitress staff at Rock Valley who attended to me so well with kindness and consideration.

As I signed the discharge papers at 7 o’clock Sunday morning, the attending nurse presented me with a new pack of Shield short reds, left for me by this angel of mercy from Rock Valley Brewing. The ER called me a cab to take me home that still dark am morning. As I rode home alone in the cab, I reflected on the previous night’s events at the Brewery and at the Little Falls Emergency Room. The personal efforts of the Rock Valley staff, who helped me so much, and the diligence of the IV nurse who inserted it. I was so moved riding home in the slice of the cab the Country Western song line “Human Kindness Overing” entered my mind and filled my heart. From the above & beyond efforts of the personal gift from brewery girls. From now on, when I order my customary Saranac Ginger Beer soda on Saturday evening’s weekly live performance, I will just all out, “Hey, nurse, bring me my Saranac!”

John Kevin Carrig
Little Falls NY