by Dave Warner

When someone emails you and they say Little Falls was on a nationally known show, you cringe just a little bit because you never really know how they are going to portray our City. But in this case, it was in a good light and well worth the exposure.

Real Time with Bill Maher had a segment on Scamerica, where Bill decries the price gouging and ‘beak-wetting’ that drives up the cost of everything from infrastructure to healthcare.

Maher says “Someone has to tell me how it is that for most consumer products there is such stiff competition that a common sales pitch is ‘if you find this item at a lower price, come on in and we’ll beat it.'” However, he goes on to say that a knee replacement in one hospital can cost $17,000 and in another, $61,000 in the same city.

He states that this kind of competition does not exist at the Defense Department, Healthcare, or infrastructure where he says “Everyone gets to wet their beak before anything gets done, that’s why nothing ever does get done.”

He wants to know why we can’t help the homeless and asks people to look around his city, Los Angeles. “Either the homeless problem is worse, or camping isn’t what it used to be,” he said.

He went on to discuss that after World War II, with all the veterans returning from the war, that they had no place to live. “The government found some empty space and in a matter of months, built Quonset huts for 6,000 people all for a total cost of what in today’s dollars, would be less than eighteen million.”

He says that the bond measure that they passed in 2016 for the homeless had each unit projected to cost $140,000, “Which is more than the asking price for this four-bedroom Dutch Colonial in Little Falls New York,” at which point he put up on the screen a listing from Trulia for 72 Diamond Street.

He stated, that now that they are actually building these units, the cost has actually risen to $531,000. “How is that possible, you may ask? Do they each come with a Lambo and a shark tank?”

The rest of the commentary is funny but serious as he points out that they still make those Quanset huts and they only cost about eight grand. “But it’s hard to skim money off eight grand,” he said.

Maher was born in New York City, was raised in New Jersey, and went to Cornell University.

My Little Falls has reached out to the producer of Real Time to see how they picked Little Falls as their example. We have not heard back as of yet.

You can view the segment on YouTube by clicking here.