Photo submitted – Ken Stevens, Director of Environmental Services.

Little Falls, NY – Little Falls Hospital’s, Director of Environmental Services, Ken Stevens is the man behind the flowers at the entryway of the hospital. Seasonally, Stevens beautifies the entryway with bright, bubbly colors such as red, yellow, pink, and orange welcoming all that come through the hospital’s doors.

“I enjoy planting seasonal flowers not only for the hospital but for myself,” says Stevens. “It gives me great pleasure in hearing patients and visitors commenting on how beautiful the landscape is in front of the hospital and that I had a part in it.”

Research shows that flowers decrease anxiety and increases a sense of calm. They help us relax and stay calm through situations that would typically cause stress.

About Little Falls Hospital
Little Falls Hospital, an affiliate of Bassett Healthcare Network, is an inpatient 25-bed acute care hospital. It is Herkimer County’s only provider of acute inpatient medical care, emergency care, short-term inpatient rehabilitation, ophthalmology and outpatient surgery, and many other diagnostic and therapeutic services. The mission of Little Falls Hospital is to offer high-quality care with compassion, to all who need our services.