by Dave Warner

Little Falls seemed to spring back to life with several events going on around the City on Thursday evening.

Think Local Little Falls had the June art walk with work displayed in windows along Main Street, as well as a string trio playing in the park next to M&T bank.

Cruise-In by Mike was down at the harbor with music, food, drawings, and some incredible-looking cars.

Mike Bulger stated, “Tonight’s show was just another in our Thursday lineup. We have fewer cars than we had last week, but it’s still a good turnout. Wiggle’s the Cat ended up not showing up, but will be here next week.”

Bulger said that last week was crazy with more than 60 cars participating in the event. “We were stuffing them in here with a shoehorn.”

When the show wraps up each evening, cars can participate in a parade around town. Last week, he said that between 20 and 30 vehicles participated. “That was huge.”

Local Fresh Thursdays was in Burke Park with music, games, and vendor booths. Jordyan Mueller, one of the organizers of the event said that they had steady traffic the entire evening.

“The first market of the 2021 season was very successful. The addition of live music and kids activities in conjunction with Community Outreach, which had a plant swap, really livened up the market experience,” she stated.

The Elks Club provided a food truck, something they are going to try and do every Thursday. “These kinds of collaborations are what we had hoped to have when we first started the market,” said Mueller. “We wanted it to be the hub of connections made in Little Falls.”

Mueller said that they had always hoped that the event would trend in that direction, but that it had been tough during COVID last year to make some of these things happen. “Our vendors did very well tonight. People who came stayed longer, and some that thought they would just pass through, ended up staying for a couple of hours visiting and chatting with community members. This is what we had hoped for.”

“I think something that helped the success of our first market was the community coming back to life with everything else happening in town. Cruise-In, the baseball game, and Think Local’s live music on Main Street allowed every event to feed off of each other. It was a great night in Little Falls,” commented Mueller.

The Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs rounded out the evening at Veterans Memorial Park with Fusco striking out 11 batters.  Mike Becchetti scored nine RBIs on the night, as well as two home runs, as the team battered the Glens Falls pitching corps en route to a 21-2 victory in seven innings, stopped by a new league mercy rule.

All in all, it just felt like everyone was ready to get out and do something after 15 months of isolation and a lack of events to attend. As one resident stated…Little Falls is back.

Photos by Dave Warner

Photos by Jordyan Mueller