The Little Falls Public Library is featuring the hand-painted ‘barn art’ quilts of Sara Meays through June 30th in an exhibition.

Meays is a sixth-grade math teacher who has found a unique way of combining her two passions – mathematics and art. These colorful quilt patterns are popping up everywhere and since they are on the sides of barns, garages, porches, and sheds, everyone is able to enjoy them.

Meays, has been creating barn quilts for over six years. She dabbled in fabric quilting before discovering her passion for painting barn quilts.

Having grown up on a farm and living on her own farm now, Meays has always been interested in the styles of the barns that dot New York State and was intrigued when she discovered the art that was placed on some of the barns.

Looking for a unique birthday gift for her father, Meays put the math skills she teaches to her 6th-grade students to a unique use and began designing new patterns and replicating traditional quilt blocks, including her first barn quilt – an 8-foot traditional star for her parents’ barn.

She soon found that many are drawn to “barn” art for their own porches, garages, sheds–and barns. Aside from the obvious artist component of barn quilts, Meays believes the geometric component is just as important to her success.

She says, “I often tell my students, 6th-grade math really does matter – you never know when math is going to change your life!”

The title of the exhibition is ‘A New Look at a Traditional Art’, and it features a variety of hand-painted, wooden barn quilts that honor the creativity, heritage, and art women have long weaved into the practicality of quilts they created for the everyday use of their families.

Her pieces range from traditional pattern replications to more modern patterns and variations. Meays says, “My favorite barn quilts are the ones that tell a story – whether through color or pattern – and incorporate part of a story. It’s exciting to offer that to my community.”

Meays resides in Holland Patent with her husband, their three children, two dogs, and a small herd of Jersey cattle. She currently teaches at the Town of Webb Union Free School District.

She can be reached at (315)941-7777 and her work can be viewed at

The exhibit is free and open to the public. The library is open Monday-Thursday from 9 am until 8 pm, Friday from 9 am until 5 pm, and Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm. For more information visit the Little Falls Library website. The exhibition ends on June 30th.

Photo submitted – The Little Falls Public Library is featuring the hand-painted ‘barn art’ quilts of Sara Meays through June 30th in an exhibition.