by Dave Warner

The girl’s varsity soccer team shut out the Frankfort-Schuyler team 6-0 in Thursday night action for their second win in a row.

Coach Denise Scaparo said, “The girls have been doing well this year considering our bench is real thin. They’ve been extremely flexible in where they’re playing and they’re willing to go wherever, which has been huge. This group is skilled enough to do that for the most part, with six key players that can play almost anywhere.”

“The game the other night was a tough one. It was a very, very physical one. We started out confused and it kind of took a while to find our feet and the goal. After halftime, we set up a better plan and we did well,” she stated.

She said they really seized the opportunities when they could to earn the win on Tuesday.

“I think they did great tonight, but in the beginning they were really were a little bunched and disorganized in the first half, and they knew it and made the adjustments,” the coach said.

The girls are now 2-0 on the season and play their next game on Saturday in Niskayuna.