by Dave Warner

The Little Falls girls basketball played tough for four quarters, and with 2:34 left in the game, were tied 48 to 48 with Cooperstown. At 1:28 they were down only one point, 52-51, but couldn’t keep up in the final seconds, losing 59-51 at the closing buzzer.

Coach Pam Munger said, “I thought that the girls showed incredible heart in the second half. They came back with everything that they had to get themselves right back in this game.”

“It was just a matter of shots not falling when we needed them to fall. Cooperstown is a team that’s going to be in the finals, and I told them that. We have been playing tough teams that are going to be seeded high in sectionals, and I’m happy with the fact that my kids are performing, are getting better, and staying with these teams,” she said.

The Coach continued to say that the team is growing and really coming along. “This is an exciting team and we make young mistakes. Sometimes, I feel that I have the most patience compared to everyone else in the gym. I try to stay positive for my kids, I just wish that everyone else would as well. They’re going to make mistakes and you can’t stay and dwell on them, you have to keep moving past them,” stated Munger.

Kylie Kress had 18 points, Riley Dunn 16, and Shayna Straney 7. The team drops to 6-7 overall and 6-5 in the CSC. They play again Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm at home.

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