by Dave Warner

Little Falls teachers, their kids, administrators, and staff, paraded through the City between 11 am and 1 pm on Friday in their own vehicles to express how much they missed the students that they would normally be teaching at this time of year.

Kara Milianta started floating the idea a couple of days ago and she said, “one of my friends in the Finger Lakes area posted a picture where their school had done the same thing, and so I thought it was a great way to bring the community together. A lot of the teachers, including myself are missing the students.”

Maria Lindsay, principal of the Middle School started organizing the event as soon as Milianta brought it to her. “We thought we could definitely make that happen here, so we did. We made some phone calls to our superintendent and then the Mayor, and Mr. Blask was like ‘fantastic’ let’s do this.”

Blask then called the chief of police, who mapped out the route and escorted the cars through the City.

All of the vehicles that participated, were filled with only people who lived within the same household. “We just wanted to spread the smiles and the happiness in this kind of unsettling time and let all the kids know that we’re still here for them and we love them and miss them,” stated Lindsay.

She continued, “just seeing the kid’s faces. I think that’s what we miss the most. This has been the hardest thing. I think teachers in general…connection is why we are teachers…that human connection and why we are missing our kids.”

Blask stated, “The teachers wanted to make sure their students knew they missed them and were looking forward to having them back. So, they organized a parade, made signs for their vehicles and they waved to all the students who were out in front of their houses as the LF Police Chief led us all throughout the City.”

“There were almost 100 cars that took part in this awesome display of community. Think about that for a second: In a City our size, over 100 staff from Little Falls schools participated. That’s remarkable but certainly not surprising. Today’s parade was more than a brief escape from these days filled with trepidation and unease. It was a symbol of resolve,” he said.