(L-R) Jill Blauvelt Eva Allegretti, John Hazlett, October Atkinson, Jayne Ritz, and Nicole Stauber pose in front of the new Little Free Library that was installed on the Southside.

by Dave Warner

Southsiders got a new addition to their neighborhood with the installation of a Little Free Library book location, to join the one that is already located on Main Street.

According to Jill Blauvelt, “We wanted to have one on the Southside because there are a lot of young children that have moved into the neighborhood and to encourage reading and literacy.”

It was a large community effort that went into establishing the new location for books. “John Hazlett works a lot with the Amish and a couple of Amish children actually built it and painted it. Eva Allegretti and I have been gathering all the books,” said Blauvelt.

Nicole Stauber and her husband Andy Pryslopski got the stump and the tree formation and then mounted it in cement. “It’s for both children and adults, but this go-round we’ve focused on children’s books. We’ll replace them every couple of months. Anybody can come and take a book and keep it as long as they want, they can even put a book in there as well,” she said.

They hope that when the books are returned, they are in good condition. Blauvelt said, “We’re going to try and go with seasonal types of readings.”

Jayne Ritz donated some of her property for the installation, and the tree stump that was used has room for future expansion. “We may add a top one that will be used for books for adults, while the lower one continues to have books for children,” stated Blauvelt.

Photo by Dave Warner – It wasn’t long before the first book was ‘checked out’ of the new little library.