Free Kindle Download from 9/29 to 10/3

Eric Travers has been having weird dreams lately. Dreams of hiking through misty mountains, finding shamrocks inscribed with a mysterious symbol, and hearing a song from the 1970s play in his mind as he walks in long, lazy circles above the treetops while ghostly images look on. He wonders if his dreams are the result of a recent breakup with his girlfriend or a slow descent into madness. Or perhaps something else?

He decides to search for answers by slinging on a backpack and hiking for three weeks on a wilderness trail he knows nothing about. But when he meets other hikers along the way who share some aspects of his strange story, the mystery only deepens as each footstep draws them closer to their destination and to a shadowy figure haunting their latest round of dreams.

That’s the premise of “Dream Trail”, the newly published novel by Little Falls author Thomas J. Prestopnik which is available in paperback and Kindle editions at During a special promotion, the Kindle eBook version of the story will be offered as a free download from September 29 (starting at 12:00 AM PDT) through October 3, 2021, on the Amazon website. For those who don’t own a Kindle reader, the Kindle app is free here to download on other devices. The book is suitable for adults and older teens and runs over 400 pages.

Prestopnik is the author of several novels including “Nicholas Raven and the Wizards’ Web”, a “Lord of the Rings” inspired epic fantasy in three volumes published in 2015. More information is available on his website at The five-minute book trailer for “Dream Trail” can be viewed here.