by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Community Outreach hosted their second lunch and learn event at the Cafe at Stone Mill. The program, which started in May, is designed specifically for senior citizens and is on the third Wednesday of each month through October.

β€œIt’s a free lunch for seniors,” stated Tamara Razzano, Executive Director of Little Falls Community Outreach of the monthly series.

According to Razzano, the response has been overwhelming. “The first one we had 17 people, this time we had 19 people sign up. We also have people who just wander in and that’s wonderful.”

Speakers for the monthly event are lined up through October. “We had said that we would evaluate the program at the end of October, but now that we have had this experience, we’ve decided to take November, December, January and February off due to weather and resume the program again in March. The program has been that successful.”

The lunch and learn series allows seniors to get out and interact with others their age, and hear dynamic speakers.

Razzano said “What’s exciting for me is that there are many new faces at this event, and that was the whole goal. To be able to connect with our seniors in meaningful ways and get them out of the house, get them meeting new people, and let them know that they are appreciated and there is a place for them.”

Upcoming luncheon speakers and sponsors have already been lined up. For the July 17th event, Woolner Family Eye Care will be the sponsor and Travis Heiser with the DiamondDawgs will be the guest speaker. In August, Steve Keiser will be the speaker, Teri Chase will talk about gardening at the September event, and Frank Wilcox will be talking about art in October. “These are dynamic speakers,” she said.

“At our first event we talked about fishing, today we have Jeff Gressler talking about history. There’s something for everyone at these events,” said Razzano.