Helen Maksymicz will be giving a Christmas concert performance at the Proctor Theater in Schenectady at noon on December 19, 2023.

The 19th is Maksymicz’s birthday, and she’ll be playing on the new theater organ, named ‘George.’

There will be a few sing-alongs in the GE theater across the arcade from the main theater.

This is the organ from Las Vegas that is taking the place of ‘Goldie’ until she is fully functioning again since the roof leaked and ruined the chests. It will be a while until she is back to her original shape.

In the meantime, they purchased this four keyboard Organ from Las Vegas. Goldie was a three-keyboard theater organ.

Maksymicz stated, “I am sure some prominent people have played this. It has a beautiful sound. I am honored to play this organ on my birthday. Come and enjoy the beautiful sound of Christmas on George.”