by Dr. Wanda Faith Sewell, Th. D.

There in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains
Is a place where people will gather to remember
Lives were laid down for the sake of freedom in this land
Brave men and women went forth with a mighty hand
The guns blazed wherever they were
Yet as a team together they did band
Shouts of victory could be heard amidst the tears
For those who paid with their lives with fears!

Fears of losing the freedom to choose
Fears of losing the freedom of choice
Fears of losing the right in what to say
Fears of losing the ability to even pray
Fears of losing where one could come and go
Fears of losing how to educate and know
Fears of not being who you would want to be
Fears of losing all rights to be free!

Memorial Day in Little Falls, NY
Reveal monuments of names who paid the price
Where for God and country lives were given twice
Once in going and once in never returning again
The price that was paid is remembered by all
For those who gave by a mighty fall!