We want to remind everyone that ATVs, UTV’s and dirt bikes are not allowed to drive on the streets in the Village of Dolgeville or any highway for that matter(NYS vehicle and traffic law section 2403). When you register an ATV, you are registering it for trail use, not road use. If caught riding an Atv on the streets of Dolgeville you are subject to traffic tickets for operating an Atv on a highway.

A UTV or a side-by-side generally can NOT be registered in NYS as it is usually over 70” in width and weighs more than 1000 lbs.  If caught riding a UTV in the Village, you are subject to tickets for operation on a highway as well as Operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

The above statements also include dirt bikes being ridden on village streets.

It should also be noted that if you are riding an Atv on any land other than private land, you are required to have insurance.

All above infractions are subject to traffic tickets and potential towing of the recreational vehicle.

Here is a link for further information on what vehicles are and are not allowed to be operated on the street