by Dave Warner

The Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce headed to Dolgeville recently to hold their Business After Hours event and cut the ribbon on Creative Designs by Tiffany’s Micro-Event space.

Executive Director Michele Hummel with the Chamber said, “We think this is great and we love Tiffany. She’s obviously very talented and Dolgeville is a place we want to be. We want to help the Village build itself up and we want to be able to promote them as well. The Violet Festival, or whatever else they have going on, we want them to share it with us so that we can help people remember that Dolgeville is here and they’re thriving and doing well.”

“I think this event is the perfect example of what is happening here. We’re hoping that we’ll have more Chamber members and a bigger presence out this way, and we’ll just continue to grow in the community and help each other,” she stated.

Tiffany Rutkowski, owner of the business said, “This is just crazy…there are people from all over here tonight. I just talked to a woman from Hinkley and my distributor came all the way from Syracuse. It’s really cool to see this kind of turnout. I’m overwhelmed.”

Rutkowski went on to say that all of the vendors that participated made it a true Village event with all of the food and samples that they brought.