by Dave Warner

Mike George’s microbrewery project is still moving right along, but won’t meet the early prediction of a late spring early summer opening target.

According to owner Mike George “Back in February, we had no floors in here, a partial ceiling and I was just starting to build the bar. This area (the main bar room) other than some punch list things and trim that needs to be done…this is just about ready to go.”

Most of the changes since then have occurred in the temperature controlled rooms where the brewing is going to happen. “That room has been just about completely finished. We’re hooking stuff up now and should be finished in a week or two on the warm side. On the cold side, which is where the tanks are going to sit, it’s really a matter of just finishing walls, a little work on the floor and a couple of other minor things.”

George hopes to brew the first batches of beer in about two weeks. “Wating for the license to come back after that is the big thing. There was a place in Gloversville that told me they had their license in two weeks. There was a place up north that told me it took a year and a half.”

They still have lots of trim work left, some plumbing, getting the cooler situated, getting the kegs and glasses in, and more work on the bathrooms. “I really didn’t intend on all of this, it just kinda grew,” he said.

“I would love to be open by the Cheese Festival on July 13, 2019. We’ll have the construction done. Even if it’s July 12th at 11:58 1/2, the construction will be done,” said George.

“If the license is back by then and we’re clear to go, we’re going to do a soft opening first.  We want to make sure that when we’re open to the general public, everybody’s exceedingly happy with the way that we can serve them and ready to rock and roll,” he said.

George said that there have been a lot of unexpected hurdles that have caused the opening date to slip. The weather was one thing that affected the date, and getting water into the facility was another.

“I’m just so happy with all the people that have helped us get this far. The number of volunteers has been fantastic, and my dad has been much more patient than I am about the pace of things,” he said.

He has also talked to a couple of individuals who have food trucks that are pretty excited about it.  George said “I’m open to anyone else who is interested and wants to contact me. I’m not turning anyone down and I want to explore every option.”

The food trucks are going to park out front of Ironrock Brewing and people will be able to bring their burger or other items in and sit down and eat while grabbing a beer. “The plan is to have the trucks here every Friday night and we’ll see what it looks like. If it justifies having them here Saturday, we’ll do it,” he stated. “If the business is there, I’m going to go after it.”

According to George, there is a lot of interest in having events at the facility when it opens. “I’ve had a lot of bands contact me as well when the original article came out. We’ve been contacted by a few different organizations and people that want to use the space for different things.”

“I want people to come here and say wow, I can’t wait to go back there.”

If you’d like more information, you can email George at or visit them on Facebook at