By Dusten Rader
For My Little Falls

Like a wish come true, Little Falls students brought to life Disney’s ‘Aladdin Jr.’

The Little Falls Middle School Drama Club hosted an opening night of the production on Nov. 8 in the high school auditorium.

Directed by Amy Osborne, the event featured a cast of about 60 performers and 15 crew members. Osborne said ‘Aladdin Jr.’ is a learning opportunity.

“We like to give our students opportunities so by the time they get to high school they are well-rounded and know what the expectations are,” Osborne said.

The production is also a way for students to have fun while they learn, Osborne added. Then, parents and families get to enjoy the culmination of the students’ hard work during the show.

“This has been super fun, these kids are a blast to work with,” Osborne said. “They worked really hard and everyone is super excited. It’s nice to see them come up through the program into high school where we can put on major productions – it’s a really nice thing to have and we’re thankful.”

The cast, featuring Bailee Smith as Genie, Galen Straney as Aladdin, and Marianne Douglas as Jasmine, was quite difficult to choose, Osborne noted. She pointed out that it’s not because of a lack of talent, but rather more than enough.

“We always have a tough time casting because especially in Little Falls our chorus members are super talented, which is why I think our shows are so successful,” Osborne said. “I don’t know if something’s in the water or what, but there are very musical kids in Little Falls.”

Osborne concluded that after the show wraps on Nov. 9, students will begin working on the spring production.

Costume Director Alex Puznowski said the kids loved the show and were committed to making it entertaining. She and the students made several of the costumes, but many of them were obtained from other area schools such as Clinton, Herkimer, and the Rome-Capital Theatre.

The choreography was provided by Amanda Grimaldi, the pianist was Eric Gloo, set design and construction was by Warren Beers and Dauoda Knapp, and backstage coordinators were Kelly and Eric Gehring.

The leads of the show were showcased with photos on display outside the auditorium. Other leads include David Treusdell as Jafar, Rachel Thomas as Iago, Jordan Lampack as Sultan, Olivia Nolan as Rajah, Abigail Farber as Kassim, Julie Velazquez as Omar, Katherine Velazquez as Babkak, Adah Foster as Isir, and Lucy Johns as Manal.

Photos by Dusten Rader