I know it’s early but I would love to have my 35 players that are coming in 2019 to have great homes! Please spread the word!

Host Family Program Overview:

For many years host families in our community have played an essential role in keeping baseball alive and well in the Mohawk Valley. The Host Family Program has helped hundreds of young men adjust to life as a baseball player by providing them with a welcoming home for the summer. The Mohawk Valley DiamondDawgs hope you will help us continue this long-standing tradition.

Players’ Backgrounds And Schedules:
The Mohawk Valley DiamondDawgs players are members of the Perfect Game USA Summer Collegiate Baseball League. The players will spend a considerable amount of time at the ballpark, making time spent at the home minimal. During the regular season they will play 25 home games and 25 games on the road. These games will take place from June through early August .

Why Do Players Request Host Families?

* Many of these players want families to help them feel at home in the Mohawk Valley.
* Finding an apartment for a 2-month lease is difficult.
* Host families help players adjust to life as a future professional baseball player.
Host Family and Player Responsibilities:
* Players will need to have their own room (if hosting more than one player, two can share a room provided they have their own beds) and have access to a bathroom, laundry facility, and refrigerator.
* Players are required to provide food for themselves, but a home cooked meal every now and then is always appreciated.
* Rent is not required, but if you choose to do so, we ask that it is not more than $125 per month per player.
* The homeowner can have their own set of house rules.
* Some players may need help with transportation to and from home games, but it is not required.
* Players often arrive home late at night after games, so a side entrance may be beneficial.

Contact Information:

The Mohawk Valley DiamondDawgs hope you will consider opening your home to a player this upcoming 2019 season. If you’re interested in being a host family for the upcoming season Please contact Travis Heiser at 315-985-0692 (call or text) or email Travis@MyDiamondDawgs.com with any questions you may have.