by Dave Warner

The Boys varsity football team participated in a five-team scrimmage held at the high school on Saturday and the team showed that they had real potential for the upcoming season.

Assistant Superintendent and Athletic Director Bart Tooley said, “We’ve been doing this five-team scrimmage for about the last three years. It’s traditionally in Canajoharie, but they are doing renovations at their school so they asked if we would host it and we said yes.”

“We usually scrimmage with West Canada, but since they went to eight-man football, we’ve gotten into this scrimmage. The only thing we’re not doing today is going against Herkimer because we go against them in the regular season,” said Tooley.

Coach Bryan Shepardson said, “The team is looking good. They are working hard. We’ve got some big holes from last year, but we’ve got a good group of kids and they’re really putting a lot of good effort in. It’s a learning curve. Today’s a nice day to practice and get to go against somebody else.”

“Obviously, after today, we’ll get to see what we’re all about. After today, though, we’ll see some good things and some things that we’ll have to work on,” said the Coach.

Twenty four students have turned out to play this year, which the coach says is enough. “We lost a couple in the first day or two. I think participation is down a little bit everywhere, but we’ve been pretty consistent and we’ve got good numbers in Pop Warner and everything, so we’ll be alright,” stated Shepardson.