Devan Durkee (L) and Mike Cook (R) stand in front of the Adams Family poster at Valley Cinema in Little Falls.

by Dave Warner

The ‘Don’t Talk During the Movie Podcast’ is being produced right here in Little Falls at Valley Cinema by Mike Cook and Devan Durkee.

The pair creates a set with decorations, that is based on the movie that they are going to review and even a green screen where they can project clips of the movie behind them while they’re talking about it on camera.

Instead of giving stars, like most movie reviewers, they give a ‘shush’ rating to each one. Cook said, “The main thing is that we do the video production of our show. Anybody can talk about a movie, but we actually do effects with the green screen, we have people coming out of the doors, and we do some stupid things, like crack jokes during the show.”

Durkee lends comic relief during the production, as well as his opinion about each one and expertise when it comes to all things about showing movies. “Sometimes during the movie, people will walk out the doors and I’ll do some Photoshop editing on the images. I think that’s our main focus is on how we edit the show,” said Cook.

The pair has produced three episodes to date, and according to Durkee, “One of which was a movie review, and then a spoiler review of that same movie.”

“We just recently did one on The Addams Family,” he said.

Cook came up with the idea for the show and said, “We were trying to think of a way to incorporate the community, but also talk about movies. I figured a great way to do that, would be right here at the Valley Cinema. I’ve been going here for years and got to know Devan, and I thought he’d be a great person to have on the show with me.”

“He just came up to me with all of the details, and I said I’m on board, I’d be happy to be involved,” stated Durkee. “Our first show was about one of the most controversial films in a while – Joker – and I thought great!”

Durkee said that the first show started off well, even though he had his doubts. “I’m not going to lie – I had my doubts about it. People loved it. I’ve had people asking me about it and when the next one is going to be produced. It was totally his idea, I’m just along for the ride.”

Cook’s dad is also involved in part of the planning and strategizing about the show and what goes into it. He said, “I’ve got my hands in it just a little bit, but this is about them.”

His son said, “He’s pretty good when it comes to creative ideas. He directs a little bit.” It seems like he also is able to critique what the boys do as well, correcting them on some things that he thinks might bother the audience, like overuse of the word ‘like’.

They are planning to do at least one episode a month, based on what movies are coming out, and they’re going to try and do it during the early showing when the theater is not quite so busy. “We’ll try to film people coming out of the theater to get their reactions,” as well said, Durkee.

Cook is a Communications and Media student at Herkimer County Community College and that’s the field that he wants to work in when he graduates. “I love it. It’s so fun to do this stuff. We do a lot of video work at HCCC and it’s really gotten me to learn all these effects that I show in our production.”

The pair also plans to talk about things going on in the community and to use other remote locations to film some of their episodes as well.

“Mainly right now we’re focused in Little Falls, but I want to get the whole community involved. We’ve been thinking about going over to Meeples Mughouse to shoot an episode, or talking to Ed at the Italian Feast. I’m sure we could do an episode there. I’m hoping it would just go more wide-spread through upstate New York,” stated Cook.

“We figured it would be great at Meeples because you could put some of the games out on the table, while maybe talking to Matt Powers,” stated Durkee.

They want to keep this going as long as possible. “I love movies, I’ve been going to the theater for years. It’d be something that I’d just do moving forward in my spare time, but if it gets big enough, I’d do this full-time. It would be awesome. I’d love to see where it goes,” said Cook.

“This for me is just a bunch of fun. I don’t have a lot of outlets. I’m home playing video games, a full-time father, work here as manager of the movie theater and I have a rental property that I manage. This is something where I can just come in and have fun. It just brings a smile to my face and wherever it takes Mike for the future, that just puts a smile on my face as well,” said Durkee.

When’s the next show? They’re hoping to be able to put a review together for Terminator, which is due out November 1st. If not, they’ll be working on one for Frozen II.

You can subscribe to the channel on YouTube by clicking here. If you also watch or listen to Keeler in the Morning, you’ve got to watch the video that Cook put together about his show, as it’s pretty funny as well.