It’s that time of year when spirits are brighter, and merry-making abounds. On display, this season, featuring an extensive number of local artists, is the Mohawk Valley Center of the Arts (MVCA) Holiday Art Sale. The gallery is decked from wall to wall for the whole month of December, so there’s plenty of time before sleigh bells ring to bestow your friends and loved ones with a very special kind of gift this year.

One of the local artists whose work is featured is Deirdre Turner. If you’re in the market to fill someone’s home with a splash of colorful joy, this year, Turner’s watercolor prints are the perfect gift, offering mirthful whimsy for all-year-round celebrations.

The haunting one-of-a-kind captures by esteemed photographer Bob Buck will draw you in. When it comes to his craft Buck has a vast range with regard to subject matter, but his methodology is loyal in its effect, drawing in the viewer to see and feel what can’t be physically captured with a camera but what remnants of the past the photographer allows to linger through old abandoned architecture and stark landscapes.

Bob Willman, the highly acclaimed fine arts painter, has original oils for you to enjoy year-round. Born and raised in Little Falls, NY, Willman, having mastered the technique of capturing light and atmosphere, offers up the Mohawk Valley and other Central NY vistas in a way that only someone who’s grown up with the changing of seasons in these places could.

The prestigious oil painter Doug Whitfield has offered works as well. Whitfield’s dreamlike compositions are hanging in art collectors’ homes from around the world, and this Holiday season is the perfect excuse to begin or add to your or your loved one’s collection.

And yet another of Little Falls celebrity artists on display is Lutz Sherneck. Sherneck is known for his large-scale acrylic work. His expressive abstracts are anything but stagnant, the paint always alive, dancing across the stretched canvas.

Robert Coppen, another known artist who uses multiple mediums is offering a lovely selection of his gifted work, giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come for his upcoming solo show at MVCA in March.

Local multimedia artist Donna Veeder has stunning works on display. And among others of Oscar Stivala’s oil paintings hanging at the gallery, he offers us quite the seasonal gem; a snowy and gleeful scene of Little Falls. Up and coming painter to the area, MVCA is proud to display the paintings of Sophia Infarinato. Other artists whose work the MVCA is pleased to display are as follows: Mena Cerone, Sally Casler, Deborah Kaufman, Leslie Kubica, Phyllis Lappi, Kathy Van Loan, Doris Cuda, Melinda Marley, Erika Hoffman, Joanne Morotti, Carly Proulx, and Susan Williams.

Ranging from $40-$500, over 40 artists are offering their work for sale at affordable prices just for the Holiday.

Check out the Holiday show at MVCA anytime during their December hours; Thursday-Sunday, 12-4. Kicking off the Christmas in Little Falls’ Canal celebration of lights MVCA will open its doors from 5-8 pm on December 9th. Please join us at the gallery to view the variety of works, enjoy some light refreshments, peruse the Selective Eye and meet a local artist or two. Come rain, shine, sleet, or snow this Holiday season, be merry, be bright, be safe, and whatever else you check off this Holiday, be sure supporting your local artists is somewhere on your list.