by Dave Warner

Friday night, the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts hosted an opening reception for Lutz Scherneck’s ‘Different’ show.

Scherneck is a Dolgeville artist best known for his expressive acrylic paintings made from swathes of fluid color poured and drawn across the canvas.

The artist stated “These are mostly new paintings. When I was trying to put it together I had pictures of them and there was initially no theme to the show. My wife suggested that they all looked different and I said ‘you can’t call the show different!’ And then I thought….yeah, you can call it Different.”

As Scherneck stood back and reflected on his work he said “They’re either very landscape looking or more portrait or still life might be a better description. There are a lot of things in landscape format, even though they may be verticals like the Spruce Lake one that was from a photograph I took when I was up at the lake in the autumn.”

Some of the work is inspired by photographs that Scherneck took, others are not. “A couple of them were bad paintings that I wasn’t happy with. I re-stretched them and looked at them and tried doing things to them until I was happy with them.”

Scherneck holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. His work has been on display throughout Central New York and he has received numerous awards of recognition. A large mural of his painted work can be seen on Albany Street.

The show will run from March 15, 2019 until April 27, 2019. The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts is located at 401 Canal Place and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12 pm until 4 pm. More information can be found at