Little Falls, NY; August 12, 2019 — THROUGH MY EYES, is a series of interviews and first-hand accounts from veterans who served during the Vietnam War. Hosted by Ralph Renzulli, the series premiere is scheduled to release today on and My Little Falls branded platforms including, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Episodes are scheduled to release on the 2nd Monday of each month and will be archived on all My Little Falls platforms.

The Vietnam War lasted 17 years and is considered one of the longest wars in American history. Nationally there were over 58,000 casualties and 4,100 in New York state alone. Approximately 125 Little Falls residents served, and two lost their lives in Vietnam. According to Producer, David Warner, “We’re excited about bringing these very personal stories to our broadcast audiences, many of which have never been told publicly. The Vietnam era touched a generation of Americans with a national division not seen since the Civil War. To hear first hand from those who served and the voices of family members left behind is tremendously powerful.”

According to the host of the show, Ralph Renzulli, “After seeing the Vietnam War exhibit at the Little Falls Historical Society, I was absolutely blown away by it. I thought it was fantastic. In combination with that, I’ve always been a history buff, especially American military history. I watched a lot of videos about World War II vets and thought, there are 125 Little Falls young men and women who fought in that war in various capacities, let’s do this for them.”

The first segment to air is an interview with Ed Coffin, the older brother of Donald A. Coffin, a corporal in the US Army from Little Falls who lost his life in Vietnam. “Many of the veterans I spoke to were reluctant to share their stories and relive those memories, but ultimately agreed to an interview as a way of educating future generations,” stated Renzulli. Ed Coffin believed it was his obligation, “I felt it was my duty and responsibility to my brother to share his story. My brother gave everything he could give,” stated Coffin.

According to Renzulli, “It was a controversial war. There always were two wars, the real war in Southeast Asia and the social war here. It wasn’t well accepted, politically, or militarily. A lot of people felt it wasn’t fought the right way, but yet that takes nothing away from the service of hundreds of thousands of young men and women who served in Southeast Asia.”

THROUGH MY EYES will begin locally and is expected to expand to include veterans from neighboring communities as the series evolves. The vision for the show is to capture first-hand accounts from all branches of the service and highlight every level of contribution while veterans from this area are still living. It is the hope of those involved with the show that interviews from the people that were in Vietnam during the conflict will provide relevant teaching aids for future generations studying the history of the Vietnam War.

THROUGH MY EYES is a production of MyLittleFalls.TV, Little Falls, NY. The series is hosted by Ralph Renzulli, directed by Deborah A. Kaufman and Produced by David E. Warner. One hundred percent of the advertising revenue from sponsors of this show is donated to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. To support the show as a sponsor, contact Deborah A. Kaufman at 315-508-5310 or via email at